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      Founded in 1996 and having ua staff of 200 people ,the TaizhouHongyuan Air Conditioning Equipment CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of various types of refrigerators and air-conditioners -both parts and complete units ,cut-off valves ,water flow distributors,liquid distributing head,copper pipe fittings as well as all sorts of joints and adaptors.It is a member of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association and Chinese Associatio of Refrigeration."Hong Yuan"is the registered trademark of its products .The company has been certified in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and its products have passed the tests conducted by Shang hai General-purpose Mecharnieal Products Testing Station of the State Administration of Techical Supervision with all indices up to standards.
      Adhering to its operation guidelines-"Customer is the center of all our work;Quality is the life of the company.",the company has been developing new products with highest technology, increasing its market share by quality products,cutting the costs of products by improve the effiency of management and buiding its image with spotless services in a bid to meet every need of our customers .We at Hongyuan are ready to cooperate with all new friends and old patrons and hand in hand we will strve for a splondid future.

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